Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here are some of my thoughts on the past.

Sometimes, a trip down memory lane only serves to bring my spirit down. All the horrible things that have happened, the mistakes I've made, and the mountain of regrets, all cast a depressing shadow on my present and future.
That's not why the past exists, though. In fact, it shouldn't bring me down, but, instead, propel me forward. You know why? When you follow the timeline of your past, you can trace the hand of God! In every event, He was present, guiding you through the trouble and pain, towards a future filled with promise.
See? That's encouraging, not discouraging. It's another reminder that He sends, to tell me of His plan, and to assure me of His faithfulness.
Plus, then, the struggles that I'm going through now will serve as landmarks when I look back, powerfully demonstrating the ways that God is guiding me home.

1 comment:

  1. You say that, "Sometimes a trip down memory lane only serves to bring my spirit down ....." This statement surprises me. It implies that the past (memory lane) consists ONLY of "horrible things that have happened and the mistakes I've made".... Surely, no one can always do EVERYTHING wrong ... not you - not me. The "timeline of your past" is an integration of EVERYTHING that happens ... the GOOD as well as the bad. One should be grateful of that. We can achieve great pleasure for past good memories and actions ... and we should happily receive positive experience lessons from any "horrible mistakes or failures".

    Either way ... looking back should ALWAYS be a refreshing experience. Remember the good ... also remember and learn from the not so good!