Friday, April 23, 2010

This week was special, because I did an absurd activity every day! It all started with a fortune cookie which said, "Only one who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible." My friend and I decided to do something absurd every day for a week. Here are mine!

Day 1: Eating off the kids menu at a fancy cafe
Day 2: I carried over from when my friend and I got kicked out of a restaurant, and ate our pizza while sitting behind a bench
Day 3: Rollerblading with knee-high striped socks while wearing plaid shorts
Day 4: In my neighborhood, driving in the bike lane and using my turn signal when the road curved
Day 5: Riding a stationary bike in the street, and using cycling turn signals
Day 6: Having a picnic lunch on a median

I also wanted to wash my car in the rain, but it never rained! haha All I can say is that coming up with something absurd to do requires a whole new way of thinking, and helps you find the humor in life! I strongly recommend trying it sometime. :)


  1. Perhaps you should think more carefully of the difference between the words: Absurd ... Inconsiderate ... and dangerous.

    Day 1 ... Inconsiderate (to owners of restaurant)
    Day 2 ... Inconsiderate (to management of restaurant)
    Day 3 ... Absurd
    Day 4 ... Absurd
    Day 5 ... Dangerous (to you)
    Day 6 ... Dangerous (to drivers)

    Wash car in rain ... Absurd

    It is not only you that is involved ... others should be considered also. Does your absurd act cause drivers to lose concentration on driving? Does your absurd act violate the good manners of propriety and cause difficulty for owners or managers?

    If others think your act is absurd ... without any apparent danger, then I would consider it absurd also.

    It would be absurd to think you can walk out of a restaurant without paying ... for example. That hurts people, financially. It would be stealing ... but it would be absurd.

    Thoughtful consideration of others is a must if we are to receive that which we sow.

    Something to think about ... This is NOT criticism.


  2. Yeah, we kinda had a lose definition. I promise, though, that all my" absurd" things weren't as inconsiderate as they sound. I made sure that I wasn't doing anything dangerous or offensive. It's much easier to tell you about them in person. :)

  3. This particular blog has caused me to spend more time reflecting on absurdity. My guess is that if your blog causes me (and others) to stop and think ... even for a few minutes ... it will have done its job. Well ... to that end, this blog has done its job.

    In my opinion, doing absurd things that are safe and thoughtful would be a whole lot of fun. You did your absurd things with a friend. That sounds like it would be a blast. If I wasn't so shy, I might give it a go myself.

    A new thought came to mind on my reflection. While doing absurd things with a good friend would be a lot of fun ... if I did the same absurd things ALONE ... I would probably get classified as being a littl looney and get me hauled away for a psychiatric evaluation ... and then again, maybe not.

    Have you ever seen a mime or a human statue acting out alone in a public square? They act alone and sometimes do 'absurd' things and are applauded by their small audiences.

    This is an interesting topic ... Thanks for making me think absurdly.