Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reflections at school 4

Walking around ASU, practically everyone is listening to their iPod or texting....or both. Most people avoid eye contact, and tend to look down or look away when someone walks by. This kinda makes me sad. I know that people are social beings, and that we need other humans to help us feel alive, valued, accepted, worth-while, etc. I think that my fellow students and I are craving attention, craving a human connection, but are afraid that we'll appear desperate if we're not occupied every single minute. The lesson to carry away from this, I guess, is this: Put down your phone! Take out your head phones! Smile at someone when you see them. Acknowledge the people around you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reflections at school 3

It's interesting how much I allow my happiness to depend on small things. If a little thing goes wrong, I often let that affect the rest of my day. In this way, though, my happiness can change in an instant. I need to hold onto the true Source of joy, and remember that I should not just respond to my environment.

Reflections at school 2

I've been rushing around all the time. I have every single minute planned out, in order to maximize my time during the day; I'm so aware of the way I spend it. I'm always so busy! There's no quiet time; no time to be still. I need to try to set aside a few minutes every day to have silence, because in the silence, I can hear God's voice.

Reflections at school 1

I'll be walking around campus, and suddenly an idea will hit me to describe an emotion I'm experiencing, or something will happen to remind me of an important lesson that I should learn. Anyway, that's what these "reflections at school" will be. They're very short, because I have to put them on my phone, but anyway.

I had planned out my entire day, but nothing went the way it was supposed to. I kept either missing buses or just barely making them, and so my study time decreased significantly. I'm reminded that my plans don't always work. I need to trust in God, because only He has a perfect plan.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One of my professors read us a poem during class yesterday, and I absolutely love it! It's about a race, which is very relavent to me as a runner, and it's main point is this: "All of life is like a race, with ups and downs and all, And all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall."

Here's the link to the full poem. I encourage you to check it out!