Monday, November 1, 2010

There's a Fall-ish feeling in the air. I simply can't wait for school to end! I'm looking forward to the days when I'll get to sleep in, and relax. In case you're wondering what my ideal Fall/winter day would look like, I'll fill you in:
I'd sleep in until 9, and take my time getting ready for the day. I'd put on some sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt(or hoodie), and some fuzzy/soft purple or green socks. I'd curl up with a book by Dickens, and a cup of tea, and I'd read the day away.

Oh yes. Winter's calling my name. :)

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  1. What a wonderful picture you have painted of your "ideal fall day". It sounds so warm and cozy ... and human. Dickens must be your favorite author.

    My idea of a perfect fall day used to be to saddle-up the horses and then ride off at first-light into the beautiful Coconino Forest with Barbi. We would ride for hours at a time sometimes seeing only the tall ponderosa pines ... and other times seeing for miles over prairie grasses all the way to the San Francisco Peaks ... and beyond. We would see all kinds of wildlife ... deer, antelope,elk, turkey birds by the hundreds. The cowboys have a saying: "There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." There is no way I can argue with that!