Thursday, October 13, 2011

Part of the blessing of humanity is the ability to feel compassion and experience empathy. It shows that there's more than a physical aspect to us; it demonstrates our spiritual side. In feeling these emotions, we grow closer to each other, and we can strengthen a weakening spirit.

The trick is finding the balance between feeling too much, and not enough. God comforts all who seek, but how do I let Him comfort complete strangers through me?

The world is hurting; I see it in the faces of the people around me. Focused only on our own problems, we block out other people. How can I change myself, open myself up? I know that I've been called, as a Christian, but also as a human. I trust in God to show me the way.

In opening myself up to others, not only will my capacity for love increase(since God, Love Incarnate, will dwell more fully in me), but my ability to experience joy and peace will also increase, because I'll be able to participate in the joy of the people around me.

In reaching out to one another, we become more united, and, again, can feel a connection on more than just a physical level. It's truly amazing how God designed us humans!

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