Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I experienced one of the purest forms of freedom just now!
The weather is perfect today, so I went for a rollarblade.

I was gliding through my neighborhood, listening to beautiful music, soaking up the sunshine and all the green things, and loving the slight breeze that kept rustling the leaves across the sidewalk. I coasted past some kids on a swing set with their mom, laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing. I passed an older man using a walker, and a dad pushing his little daughter around the park in a stroller. I swept past the mailman, who was taking a lunch break with his wife at a picnic table.

Blading around on the smooth road, with so much to observe and experience, I was struck by a sense of peace and freedom. It's so hard to describe, but it's so important to understand.

The world is alive and well! Everything is growing and moving, and it's beautiful to behold!
Enjoy the little things today.
Smile, laugh, and live. :)

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