Sunday, September 9, 2012

Open Arms

Currently, sleep is eluding me. I think I've prayed for everyone I can think of, and blessed God for practically every gift He's given me, and yet, here I am, wide awake.

I've been contemplating the idea and importance of truth lately. It's not any easy thing to receive. A lot of the time, it can almost seem like a slap in the face. When we know the truth, though, we know where we stand; we can make decisions based on our new awareness. It's freeing.

As humans, we wear masks. We struggle with wanting to stand out but wanting to blend in. We're all afraid of being rejected. We're all afraid of being alone. And so we go about our lives, only rarely revealing pieces of ourselves.

Living for God, and in a Eucharist way, means that we're being called out of ourselves and into God. He's challenging us to reach out to others, and reach up to Him. For me, this is a constant struggle. I want to live for God, I want to be holy, and I want to help others. Unfortunately, fear often holds me back: fear of rejection and of ridicule.

Being Christian means that I follow Christ. Christ wasn't afraid to be different for God. Christ embraced His cross, His suffering, His death. He lived with His arms wide open, for anyone to come. That's what being a Christian really means. At every moment, I must embrace my cross. At every moment, I must walk with Christ to Calvary. At every moment, I must remember that He lived as He died, arms stretched out to the world.

God calls us to reach out. And that's the truth. I have been set free to live in the Truth. If I want to be really and truly free, then I must live as He lived, with open arms.

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