Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fun fact

Here's a little known fact about me; I own a telescope. My uncle gave it to me on my 13th birthday. I had completely forgotten about until today, when I was rummaging around in my closet and stumbled upon it again. Talk about a cool (re)discovery! 

Lately I've been craving green and growing things, mountains and hiking, star gazing, and pretty much anything else that will allow me to spend some time with Mother Nature. I was in Denver 3 weeks ago, and got my tree and flower fix. Washing Park is the place to be! Yesterday I went to Sedona, and got my hiking fix(plus more gorgeous trees and even a creek!). I sat on a boulder in the middle of the creek and let the sound of the rushing water pour over me. It was so lovely. On my flight home from Denver, I watched the Big Dipper the whole time. I'd never seen it so big! Looking at it from above the clouds makes a huge(hehe) difference. Tonight, courtesy of my telescope, I got another taste of that star gazing-ness. Unfortunately, the bugs in our back yard also got a taste of me. I got about 6 bites in 5 minutes. Good old Mother Nature. 

All this to say that I'll be back tomorrow night, armed with bug spray this time, prepared to peruse the sky for more celestial wonders. I'm pretty sure I saw a planet tonight, but I'll have to look again when I've got my bug armor on. ;)

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