Tuesday, October 15, 2013


    I love watching tv shows and movies with superheroes. The feats that the characters accomplish are so amazing! They continue to fight against evil, no matter the cost, and the bad guy always gets brought to justice. There is always a point in the plot when it seems like the hero can't go on, and that's when I hold my breath, though I know they're going to succeed. At about that point, at least one of the hero's friends shows up and helps them keep going to their happy ending.
    As a kid, I definitely dreamed of being the hero one day and saving the world. As I grew up, more and more people told me it was a fairytale and could never happen. I'm a dreamer though, and I argue that we can be superheros, but in a different way. I know that I'll never have the ability to become invisible or fly on my own or have super strength but I do know that I possess special powers. I'm able to use words to help people realize that they're important and loved. I have the ability to listen to someone else tell me their troubles and be able to comfort them simply by being with them. I possess the will the succeed and to see justice and love in the world around me. And that's only the beginnning.
     In one of my favorite movies, Kung Fu Panda, the main character learns that the secret to limitless power lies within. "There's no special ingredient; it's just you." Think about that! We have all we need to succeed already within us. Life is how we learn to see those special gifts and abilities and put them into action. So guess what? My childhood dream can come true! I can be a superhero! I don't need radiation or a vat of toxic waste because I have all I need already inside me. Using my individual gifts to bring about justice and peace is what makes me a hero. It's ok if no one else realizes it, because all heroes have a secret identity.
    Use your powers for good and go help save the world! :D

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