Friday, May 22, 2015

Another existential crisis (resolved)

Every so often, especially as a grad student in Psychology, it’s important to have an existential crisis. I’m kidding. Kind of. Those things do seem to happen, especially since one is supposed to explore their background, their motivations, their own biases, etc. Naturally, constantly asking all those questions can be a bit taxing. 

Over the past two weeks, my “summer break, part 1”, I’ve been asking myself a lot of those questions. I’ve managed to answer a few of them, but some of the deeper ones had left me feeling unsatisfied. Why am I sharing this vague summary? Well, I did come to one conclusion which kinda trumps everything. Delving to the very heart of me, I found something which continually amazes me and sets me adrift on a sea of hope. I can answer the most basic yet complex question of who I am. 

Here’s the revelation; I am God’s.

That’s who I am at my very core. I am God’s. It’s an answer that doesn’t say much but speaks volumes. It means that I have the whole world at my finger tips because I can literally never escape God’s presence, which also means I have a constant traveling buddy. Pretty sweet if you ask me. 

Yes, I’m treating this very lightly, but this really is a profound statement. To be God’s is to always belong. To be God’s is to never be alone. To be God’s is to be accepted completely. To be God’s is to be loved in every single moment. To be God’s is to be.

Knowing who I am helps direct my steps towards what I want. Some people(maybe even a lot of people) will laugh at me and tell me that I’m old fashioned for saying I’m God’s. They can also say that I’m dumb for believing that. You know what? Dare to be you! Because I know who I am, I can actually be fully me. 

Here’s my question for you (which I really think you should consider answering): 

who are you?