Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Month to Remember

The past four weeks have been like something out of a dream, with many ups and downs, unforeseeable twists and turns, and powerful moments. Let me start at the beginning.

1) On June 27th, I received a text from my mom saying that Grampy was in the hospital. I called and was able to talk to him that night. He said he knew that I was there in spirit. The next morning, he quietly slipped away in his sleep. That's how a great man left this world; peacefully dreaming.
2) On June 30th, through a fog of sadness, I emerged having finished my first year of graduate school. My dad arrived the same night, bringing much needed hugs and comfort.
3) On July 5th, the USA Women's National Soccer Team won the Women's World Cup in amazing fashion.
4) On July 6th, I bought Maximus, an adorable little Corolla.
5) On July 9th, I left with three wonderful friends on the trip of a lifetime to visit Ireland. We spent a week roaming the country, driving on narrow roads that led through rolling hills of open fields, trees, and cows. We walked the cliffs along the ocean and explored mountain paths that brought us to breathtaking views.
6) On July 20th, I started my year long internship which will make me into a therapist.
7) In six days, I'm turning 25.

During these four weeks, I've experienced life in dramatic fashion. I am a changed person. Through everything I've learned this month, I'm struck even more with the beauty of the human experience.

Life should be lived with arms wide open, head thrown back, a song in your heart, and a smile on your face.
Struggles make you stronger and loss makes living sweeter.
No matter what obstacle you're facing, it will be overcome.
Go live life to the full!

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